PRADO 3.0.2 is released

prado 3.02发布

We are pleased to announce that PRADO version 3.0.2 is formally released! Version 3.0.2 is a maintenance release of PRADO 3.0, which mainly contains bug fixes and minor enhancements and features.

The most significant feature introduced in this release is the paging capability which is made inherently available to all data-bound controls, such as TRepeater, TDataList, TCheckBoxList, etc. A new TPager control is also introduced which can be used together with the data-bound controls to achieve paging of contents rapidly and easily.

Starting from this release, we provide a Macromedia Dreamweaver extension (thanks to Stanislav). The extension installs a PRADO tag library which allows auto-completion of component tags when using Dreamweaver to create PRADO templates. We also provide a script named prado-cli.php which can create a skeleton PRADO application.

PRADO v3.0.2 may be downloaded at

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