PHP 5.2.0 RC1发布

PHP 5.2.0 RC1发布,目前应该只是个样品,适合下载回来测试新功能。主要更新是新增了三个extensions:

其中filter extension由Rasmus Lerdorf提供,帮助php开发者过滤用户提交的内容。原来是在,更详细的内容可以看这里:,如能广泛使用,目前php开发的安全性将提升一个台阶!之前还听说对pdo extension有些调整,比如新增了setFetchMode方法,经常使用Pear:DB的同学一定不会陌生。

Given that it took a few months to reach this point and addition of new features was allowed the changelog already looks extremely impressive. Some of the key changes include things like 3 new extensions (filter, json and zip), the date extension had the rest of its functionality enabled, much work was done in terms of getting PHP 5.2 to run faster and more efficiently (in terms on memory usage). There have also been nearly 80 bug fixes made to existing functionality, which hopefully translates to a more stable release.


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