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首先PHP开发者还没摸透在没有php4的情况下,用php5来跑从前的应用会不会有潜在的问题。大量主机上仍然安装的是php4,这会使用户避免选择php5 only的web应用程序。也是因为这个原因,大量主机商还不能马上升级到php5,因为他们不知道用户将要跑php4或是php5的web应用。这样一来,php的开发者越发不能摆脱php4,他们为了适应环境,写出来的代码可能都是php4/php5兼容的。

这对php开发者来说,是如同梦魇一般的一个死循环。一些open source的php开发团体为了摆脱这个困境,终于决定做出一些动作来打破僵局了!!他们在2008年2月份以后发布程序将仅仅官方的支持php 5.2.0以后的版本(官方的支持意味着某些程序还是能保持php4的兼容性的,但是不承诺)!!这个活动被称之为GoPHP5!!这些php开发团体已知的名单如下:

Symfony(这个已经是php5 only了)



PHP 4 has served the web developer community for seven years now, and served
it well. However, it also shows its age. Most of PHP 4’s shortcomings have
been addressed by PHP 5, released three years ago, but the transition from
PHP 4 to PHP 5 has been slow for a number of reasons.

PHP developers cannot leverage PHP 5’s full potential without dropping support
for PHP 4, but PHP 4 is still installed on a majority of shared web hosts and
users would then be forced to switch to a different application. Web hosts
cannot upgrade their servers to PHP 5 without making it impossible for their
users to run PHP 4-targeted web apps, and have no incentive to go to the
effort of testing and deploying PHP 5 while most web apps are still
compatible with PHP 4 and the PHP development team still provides maintenance
support for PHP 4. The PHP development team, of course, can’t drop
maintenance support for PHP 4 while most web hosts still run PHP 4.

It is a dangerous cycle, and one that needs to be broken. The open source PHP
developer community has decided that it is indeed now time to move forward,
together. Therefore, the listed open source PHP projects have all agreed
that effective 5 February 2008, any new feature release will have a minimum
required PHP version no older than PHP 5.2.0. It is our believe that this
will allow web hosts a reason to upgrade and the PHP development team the
ability to retire PHP 4 and focus efforts on PHP 5 and the forthcoming PHP 6,
all without penalizing any existing project for being “first out of the

Some of my friends in the open-source CMS community have created a
movement called “GoPHP5” which will eventually reside at GoPHP5.org.
We’re trying to encourage projects to — as of February 2008 — drop
support for versions of PHP prior to 5.2. This would not mean older
versions that support PHP 4 would be abandoned, just that new releases
would only officially support PHP >= 5.2.

This is an effort to have web hosts support modern PHP versions. Right
now, there is little incentive for web hosts to upgrade because so many
web applications support PHP 4 and old versions of PHP 5.

We’d like to get MediaWiki on-board. Because the current version of
MediaWiki already requires PHP 5 and runs on PHP 5.2 without problems,
this would not be as jarring to MediaWiki as it would be to projects
that still release new PHP 4-compatible versions. Currently, we’re in
talks with Drupal, Joomla, CakePHP, Symfony (already in), Symfony’s
partner projects, Gallery, and WordPress.


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