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When someone is referred from a search engine like Google, the plugin show your blog content matched the terms they search for.


当用户从google搜索到你的博客上,这个wordpress 插件会根据用户搜索的关键词显示你的博客上更多的相关内容。目前也只对google生效,下一个版本将对baidu生效。



English version:

  • unzip it
  • Put <div style=”display:none” id=”search_content”></div> at the place in your template where you want the list of related posts
  • Copy search_related_posts.php to direcotry wp-contents/plugin and activate the plugin.
  • done!


  • 解压
  • 在wordpress模板中添加一个id为search_content的html标签,比如
  • 复制search_related_posts.php到wp-contents/plugin目录,并激活插件.
  • done! 现在你可以试着从google搜索上先搜到自己的博客,然后点击进去看看插件的效果。


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19 responses to “wordpress plugin – search engine related posts”

  1. I will suggest a fix!

    On my blog, my url was not working because of .replace(“-“, “”).
    I have “-” in my domain name itself.
    I have removed that. Was there a reason for this? I have tested it and it is working now.
    The file where I have modified is serp-min.js.

  2. hello, i’m uber noob in blogging and i don’t know what template are you talking about. i don’t know how to do this
    “Put at the place in your template where you want the list of related posts”

    what i wanted to do is make a related post links on the post itself.

  3. Hi there,

    you should check for results before showing the div like so:

    This works better, when having a headline or sth. in the div.


  4. Thank you very much for sharing this wordpress plugin. It pretty much helped me exactely with the site I needed it for.

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