PRADO v1.7发布

PRADO v1.7发布。PRADO是什么?

PRADO是在PHP5环境下的一个基于事件驱动和基于组件的WEB应用开发框架。使用PRADO开发WEB应用,你主要需要做的工作就是使用已有的组件(原文是"实例化已经定义好的组件",熟悉面向对象编程的开发者可能比较容易理解这句话),设置组件的属性,为控件组件的各种事件编写对应的处理函数,然后把这些组织成一个个的页面。这里是prodo 1.6的中文教程


Changes since v1.6
– solved the incompatibility problem of Javascript used in validators
– enhanced event handler binding (allow binding indirect child component events in template)
– introduced parent-child relationship, the old one renamed to container-containee relationship
– expression, statement tags with context being themselves
– replaced TApplication::getInstance() with pradoGetApplication()
– implemented handler concept in TApplication
– added handler classes: TResourceParser, TResourceLocator, TRequest, TCacheManager, and TErrorHandler
– defined new exception classes
– TComponent added many properties
– introduced module concept and implemented TModule
– implemented application state handling
– added AutoTrim to TTextBox
– removed the application-level data encoding
– instantiateTemplate will init properties
– addChild will also load view state and synchronize life cycle of the new component
– added blog example
– added new components including TFormLabel, TValidatorGroup, TFileUpload, TCheckListBox, TListControl
– added a tutorial for using validators

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