PRADO v2.0RC发布

PRADO v2.0RC发布,还不是稳定版本,但是可以尝试一下.更新如下:


– Added I18N, L10N support (with several relevant components)
– Added TDataGrid, TTable, TDataList, TWizard, TRequiredListValidator controls
– Implemented viewstate manager handler
– Implemented enumerable property type
– Changed the way of including a parameter file within another one
– Added EncodeText property to controls with Text property
– The parameter of TComponent::removeChild() is changed to component from ID
– Control state synchronization is done in addBody() now (instead of addChild())
– Control viewstate maintenance is now based on container-containee relationship
– TComponent::addParsedObject() is now invoked when parsing an object
– List control now renders values instead of indexes
– Implemented TCollection class, Bodies property of TControl
is now of type TCollection that allows insertion
– Added Datalist, Datagrid and I18N examples
– Implemented feature 1093392: Better package layout
– Implemented feature 1094956: display spaces
– Implemented feature 1102525: Module spec file
– Fixed bug 1093843: TRepeater::getItemCount() returns wrong value
– Fixed bug 1094219: TDateFormat patterns missing
– Fixed bug 1093018: Translation table cache and php open tag
– Fixed bug 1091966: Error handler doesn’t make allowances for @ operator
– Fixed bug 1100512: Controls losing viewstate
– Fixed bug 1103937: TListControl fatal error within TDataList
– Fixed bug 1099808: TTextBox: Slashes won’t be stripped
– Fixed visibility bug related with selection controls

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