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  • Migrate from MediaWiki to GitBook

    Export data from MediaWiki Using ‘Special:Export’ to export all pages at MediaWiki Go to Special:Allpages and choose the desired article/file. Copy the list of page names to a text editor Put all page names on separate lines. I did this job with Vim. Go to Special:Export and paste all your page names into the textbox, […]

  • MediaWiki的维护脚本

    MediaWiki的 maintenance 目录下存放着维护脚本,记录一下。 createAndPromote.php 用于创建或者修改已经存在的用户。参数如下 php createAndPromote.php [–bureaucrat] [–sysop] [–bot] [–custom-groups=<group1>,<group2>] [–force] username [password] 示例 php createAndPromote.php –bureaucrat –sysop –custom-groups=developer WikiSysop mypassword